David Valls brand born in 1981 in Barcelona, home of the Spanish textile industry through a menswear collection presented at Fashion Week in Barcelona (Gaudi). Seven years later, the collection was expanded with the integration of women having a great success. The brand combines over 30 years of creativity, innovation and know-how, for a ready-to-wear differentiated carefully crafted with the best materials. Under the artistic direction of its founder David Valls, the brand produces two collections a year made in Europe.

Along these years, David Valls has presented his collection in the main runway shows of Barcelona. His rapid international expansion because of his uniqueness and quality of products have led his collections to showcase in the windows of the world’s most prestigious specialty stores such as:L’Eclaireur (Paris), Selfridges (London), Beams (Japan)…

David Valls design philosophy is one that combines a constant experiment and mixture of the finest materials with a unique offering of knit pieces. Every season a long process of researching and creating new materials take place to deliver innovative designs.